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MACS(Maharaja Agrasen Cultural Society)

MAIMS with a focus on the holistic development of students and in order to promote their inherent talents and interests believes in developing leadership skills and prepare students to become capable managers in the present competitive environment. In order to attain this goal Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies formed MACS (Maharaja Agrasen cultural society) in 2009 for the overall development of its students.

MACS has various clubs headed by its faculty members who guide students in various activities. Students choose clubs according to their talent and interest. We have at present the following clubs working under MACS:
  • ILLUMINATE The learning hub of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies. Illuminate is a society which focuses on polishing hard and soft skills of the students and make them engrave a path for themselves initiate their own startup. It is with aim to make our students self reliant, confident and pioneers we at organise various activities and events at regular basis .
  • WAC-"What A Click" The photography society of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies. Started in 2014 now is a team of 70 budding Photographers from all the departments of MAIMS. WAC aims to boost up and excel the photography and management skills of the students. WAC provides proper practical training of photography by experts and putting students in managerial situations. WAC trains the amateur photographers into professional photographers; which ensures their career growth.
  • SAMAGRA The Theatre group involves students inclined towards dramatics.
  • MANTHAN The literary society of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Society churns the entire college to bring out the literary adroitness of the students. Manthan is to churn an ocean to bring the 'amrit' hidden in it to the surface, Just like 'Atma Manthan' i.e. churning of mind or 'Samudra Manthan' which means the churning of the ocean. It is one of the prominent stories in Hindu mythology, which articulates that 14 gems came out of the sea when Devas (angels) and Asuras (demons) churned the Milky Ocean. Each member of the society pours the best of their efforts so that it could flourish as it's a popular saying 'Two heads are better than one'.
  • THE BUDDYS The Sports Club attract students play & organize sports in order to develop team spirit & stay physically strong.
  • NAV CHETNAThe Social Service society aims at doing something good for underprivileged and deprived sections of society.
  • SWARAGThe Music Society: This society is for the students with an inclination for singing.

MACS organizes various activities mainly Genesis (Annual Cultural Fest), Debates, Diwali celebrations, Rangoli and Poster making competitions, visits to different places like old age home, blind school etc.

COMMPACT(Commerce Society)

The Commerce Society of MAIMS Commpact, is one of the prominent society our institution.It is the life line of MAIMS, a platform for the brilliant students of management, commerce and other streams. This society is expected to nurture excellence among students and will be a torchbearer for the society at large. This society is an initiative of MAIMS students, notably the B.Com (H) students. It is a joint platform for students and teacher together to come out with new ideas for the development of the business in an amicable manner.

The main aim of this society is: To impart practical knowledge and understanding in the various domains of management/commerce, so as to enhance the intellectual capabilities of students and broaden their horizons. The objectives of the commerce society will be:
  • To cultivate students interest in the field of management/commerce in an informal environment, without the pressure of being graded.
  • To equip students with practical knowledge useful in day to day affairs like money management, stock market knowledge, contemporary financial matters like GST.
  • To aware the students about the various opportunity for higher studies in the field of management/commerce.
  • To encourage participation in inter-college competitions, which will provide MAIMS recognition among other colleges and universities.
  • To enhance students leadership and managerial skills by conducting practical sessions, activities, interactive sessions or other college outreach events.
  • To make students aware of the business opportunities available in the current scenario.
E-CELL (Incubation Center)

In order to cater to the growing needs of students, MAIMS has started an Incubation Centre this year. It endeavors to nurture the skills of management and entrepreneurship in the budding students. In order to provide the requisite inputs the cell organizes workshops, lecture series, training program and other such activities for the students.

  • This year ICICI prudential conducted stock trading lecture and selected certain students to compete at the national level. This was followed by another such activity by Bombay Stock Exchange in which the students ability for stock trading was chiseled by Professor Das. Students were examined and ranked. This cell in future may be holding practical training classes for the skill development of the students so that they become future employers rather than employees.The cell works under a committee comprising of MAIMS faculty and students.

  • Besides these two events the students attended a programme conducted by Ms. Vijita Reddy (I.A.S. SDM, Khanjawala). They are likely to point out the various reasons responsible for the illiteracy of girl child in the North West district of Delhi. The center also encourages ex students and professionals to impart a practical understanding of business to students. In this connection, Ms. Divya Gupta, CEO, Udgam Accelerator will be visiting the institute on 27th February, 2018. The students were also imparted a practical exposure to photography by eminent photographers named Mr. Jassi Oberai and Mr. Navin Vatsa. Their skills in photography were displayed in the Chayankan 2018. On this occasion certificates were distributed to the members of the photography club and the occasion was graced by the presence of Sh. Jagdish Mittal, Vice President, Maharaja Agrasen Technical Education Society. .

  • The practical exposure to the students is furthered by having students visit to the various industries and consultation firms etc. Students of MAIMS will be visiting National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC) in the near future, wherein the concerned authorities will apprise them about the various schemes charted by the government of the India for the growth of start- ups.
List of Activities conducted by various Societies at MAIMS.
Type of Activity
Detailed Report
Conducted by
19th Feb 2020 PEARL ACADEMY VISIT 2020       ReportMACS
10th Feb 2020PENCILMANIACS2020        ReportSRIJANA
28th March 2019 Commfiesta 1.0 2019       ReportMACS
7th March 2019Genesis 2019        ReportMACS
1st March 2019Career Conclave 2019        ReportMACS
13th March 2018Genesis 2018       ReportMACS
6th March 2018Visit to NSIC 2018       ReportE-CELL
17th February 2018Seminar in collaboration with BSE       ReportCommerce Society
15th February 2018Chhayankan 2018       ReportWAC(under MACS)
17 January 2018Stock Mind Competition Seminar       ReportCommerce Society
9-10th October 2017Joy of Giving2017       ReportMACS
1st September 2017Freshers 2017       ReportMACS
18th April 2017Farewell 2017       ReportMACS
16th March 2017Genesis 2017       ReportMACS
18th October 2016Creative Career Conclave 2016       ReportMACS
22nd April 2016Feria 2016       ReportMACS
9th February 2016Annual Day 2016       ReportMACS
4th November 2015Chayankan 2015       ReportMACS
29th November 2015ENTREPRENEURSHIP CARNIVAL 2015       ReportMACS
16th October 2015Communozesta 2015       ReportMACS
15th September 2015Self Defence Programme 2015       ReportMACS
22nd August 2015Marketing Workshop 2015       ReportMACS
19th August 2015World Photography Day competition 2015       ReportMACS
16th August 2015BBA Orientation Programme 2015       ReportMACS
16th April 2015Farewell 2015       ReportMACS
13th March 2015Baldoria 2015       ReportMACS
12th March 2015Genesis 2015       ReportMACS
14 November 2014Umang (Children Day Event at MAIMS)       ReportNAV CHETNA
31st October 2014Communozesta 2014       ReportCOMMPACT
16th October 2014Diwali Celebration at MAIMS       ReportMACS
15th October 2014Inauguration of Film Club in MAIMS       ReportWAC
14th October 2014Inter-College Entrepreneurship Carnival       ReportE-CELL
18th April 2014Farewell 2014       ReportMACS
28th March 2014Genesis2014       ReportMACS
31st October 2013Visit to Blind School and Old Age Home       ReportMACS
14th September 2013BBA Freshers Party 2013       ReportMACS
5th September 2013Teacher's Day Celebration 2013       ReportMACS
8th March 2013Genesis 2013       ReportMACS

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