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MAIMS organized QUIZ Event (in Association with MANIT) 12 Feb 2019 | MAIMS Participation in 10th National Level British Parliamentary Debate (14-15 Feb, 2019) |
Question of the Day (Every Day) for updating the general knowledge of the students. A student answering the maximum number of correct answers in a month is awarded a prize.


PRESENTATIONS Acknowledging the importance of verbal communication as an integral quality of a manager, the institute emphasis on developing presentation skills of every student using Audio - Visual Aids to convey ideas and plans through presentations.

In this regard, a day in MAIMS starts with a zero period of half an hour duration where daily presentations on the current political, economic and general developments are made by the students. Teachers help students by making presentation from time to time . A presentation on the movie ' CHAK DE ! INDIA ' prepared by some teachers has been very well appreciated.
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